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PointDefenseSystems Site and Wiki

A series of Homeworld 2 game modifications

Status of this site

Work in progress, content is being created / copied from our other sources.


Still available via > PDS Forums . Those have been migrated, Use then for READ ONLY.


Please join our Discord for immediate contact and development talks > PDS Discord


For now we invite you to join our Discord, mentioned above.

Registration at this site

Currently disabled, don't bother to register on this platform (MediaWiki), working on something else.

Fleet Command

Ironwatsas - calls the shots

Typhoone, TekGnosis, Al Huber, radar3301, Elukka, Battlecry, Dreskel, Jaen, mr Who,

more to follow

Homdax - fixes the sites

Getting started

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.